Resources: html tags and validation

This is a really helpful collection of tutorials on xhtml coding, start from the beginning or pick a skill you want to learn:

At the bottom left of this page is a comprehensive list of all valid html tags and attributes (remember, tags are enclosed in carrots and sandwich what they describe (<b>bold text</b>) and attributes describe the tags (<body bgcolor=”#cccccc”>). The attributes associated with each tag are listed below it. You’re going to be using the standard attributes. If an attribute is listed as depreciated, don’t use it; there’s a better option. Event attributes are mainly used in behavior-based languages like JavaScript, so don’t worry about them.

Don’t style your html pages using html! It’s possible but it’s not good practice, so just disregard those sections. You’ll be learning how to make your websites look pretty in about a week.

Here’s the link to the w3 consortium’s html validator: Some common errors that won’t validate:

all html tags are lower case: <H1>  or <EM> will not validate, rather use <h1> or <em>

all html tags must close: <p></p> or <img />

tags have to sandwich: <b><i>text </i></b>; not <b><i> text </b></i>

image tags won’t validate without an alt attribute: <img alt=”wonderful description here” />


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