Let’s talk Bengal Space

When connecting to the server, the address is “smb://bengal.missouri.edu”. In the dialogue box, make sure that you type in “tigers\pawprint”. After you sign in, you’ll be able to see the your bengal space in the finder window. You can use this space for storage, but anything you want to post online needs to be put in the “www” folder. At this stage, it’s just like moving documents between any other folders or drives on your computer–just drag and drop. If you used relative links everything should work fine.

When you’re turning in the index.html page, make sure that you’re posting a web url to blackboard, not a local file path. What’s the difference you ask?

A local url starts with “file:///…..”

Your bengal space url should be something akin to “http://web.missouri.edu/~yourpawprint/index.html”




About Marguerite Halley

Marguerite has been working in digital content and design for universities and nonprofits through her entire career. As a digital content strategist at Washington University in St. Louis and a usability/content strategy consultant for nonprofits, she’s a champion for the user and an advocate for clear, engaging content on the web.

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