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How to Optimize Photos for Web

1. Open your photo in Photoshop

2. Open the VIEW tab at the top -> Proof Setup -> Internet Standard RGB

3. Open the IMAGE tab at the top ->Image Size :

Resolution: 72

Dimensions: longer side to 800 pixels

Resample Image: Bicubic Sharper (for reduction)

Bicubic Smoother (for enlargement)

4. Open the FILE tab at the top -> File Info -> Type in your information and descriptions. Remember to copyright yourself (option +G=©)

5. Open the FILE tab at the top -> Save for Web:

File: JPEG

Quality: Very High or Maximum

Optimized: Check

Preview: Internet Standard RGB

Image Size: longer side to 800 pixels
6. Save



To Download FTP Tool and Log In

Here is the link to download your FTP and VPN tools:

Type in your pawprint and password to log in, then search for FTP or VPN tools.

For the FTP tool to get to your Bengal space at home or anywhere else, MU is recommending Fetch for Mac users.
PC users can also download a windows version of Fetch.

After you downloaded and installed it, open it up, and there will be a window pop up.


Username: your pawprint

Connecting Using: SFTP

Password: your pawprint password


Hit connect, then you should be able to see your bengal space.